LUCHA FEST / interview w Sketch Munoz.

Before I go into detail about LUCHA FEST I’m gonna tell you about Sketch & how I got to know this young man. Sketch Munoz; artist, musician, director, ex-theatre geek, & self proclaimed philosopher. Many refer to him as Sketch, but I met him as Luis Munoz. I met Luis in August of 2016, weContinue reading “LUCHA FEST / interview w Sketch Munoz.”


Biker babe (7 Ways to Style Biker Shorts)

I’m going to sound so lame right now, forgive me! Biker shorts are my freaking jam!  I’ll never forget the first pair I ever owned, they were black with white polka dots & black lace, I loved them with all of my 13 year old heart. 💜 The beauty of the biker short is it canContinue reading “Biker babe (7 Ways to Style Biker Shorts)”


Did some Spring cleaning today & here’s some stuff I’ve decided to rehome. If you haven’t already, check out my depot & see some of the stuff I have up for sale! Working to upload more stuff weekly! AND everything is priced superrrr low, I literally just want this stuff off my hands!!! Currently, usingContinue reading “SHOP FROM MY CLOSET”

Episode 2: City of Angels (xtra spicy)

Here’s a video of me attempting the ” Spicy Ramen Challenge” and failing miserably at even preparing it. It turns out when doing the challenge you’re supposed to drain the water & only leave 8 teaspoons to mix the extra hot seasoning. So after eating the entire bowl of pretty hot noodles, I realized IContinue reading “Episode 2: City of Angels (xtra spicy)”

Episode 1: Where the @#$% is Kylie Jenner?

With the new year I made it a priority to be more active on social media, which sounds crazy/stupid to say, but hear me out! While most people are completely disgusted by my entire generation being so absorbed in social media & technology itself; I love it. There’s no denying I love my iPhone, so ratherContinue reading “Episode 1: Where the @#$% is Kylie Jenner?”

The Annex Kitchen.

The chefs here have a knack for taking common plates, adding a personal, inimitable touch. My favorite attributes of Annex are the aesthetic & attention to detail, that I’ve yet to find in any other local spot. The textures of the fixtures & furniture combined are pleasing to the eye & make for a Southern CaliforniaContinue reading “The Annex Kitchen.”

Dusty Buns.

One of my favorite things about Fresno, Dusty Buns. Never have I ever been disappointed by Dusty Buns… Wait I take that back. There have been a few times I’ve tried to order my favorites from the truck & they’re out, but I can’t blame them for being so good they sell out… then thereContinue reading “Dusty Buns.”