LUCHA FEST / interview w Sketch Munoz.

Before I go into detail about LUCHA FEST I’m gonna tell you about Sketch & how I got to know this young man.
Sketch Munoz; artist, musician, director, ex-theatre geek, & self proclaimed philosopher.
Many refer to him as Sketch, but I met him as Luis Munoz.
I met Luis in August of 2016, we met at his very first hair appointment with me while I was working at Planet Hair. We bleached his hair as light as it would go, & turned him into sliver surfer. Soon after his second appointment, he hosted the very first LUCHA FEST. I attended, but arrived late, of course, but just in time to catch his performance on the balcony of the first salon I worked at, Euphoria! I remember being caught off guard by his stage presence because in my chair he was so cool, calm, & collected, but here he was embodying a true entertainer. Not only was he performing his songs live, but he was doing so at an event that he had organized on his own. This moment changed the way I look at this kid forever. Who else do you know shut down Fulton Street to host an event all before their first legal drink???? Very impressive.

Enough about Sketch, the gawd.
Here’s all you need to know about L U C H A  F E S T.
This years Lucha Fest doubles as a celebration for the drop of his latest mix tape LUCHADOR, which I’ve listened to 3 times today. luchaalbumcover_1024x1024@2xluchadorbackcover_1024x1024@2xThis festival will be taking place on the blocked off Broadway St. & inside of the Rainbow Ballroom, where I spent many teenage nights in sweaty mosh pits. Things you can expect to see at Lucha Fest are; performances by home grown amazing talent inside of Rainbow Ballroom, live wrestling, a fashion show by Brown Sugar, a skate competition, tacos, art, clothing, & ALCOHOL! I will have a tent set up for Cherry, Denim & Vintage with a few cherry picked pieces, so come & say hi  : )
General Admission is only $15, & the last time I checked the site (LUCHA FEST) there was a 4 ticket bundle for $40, so grab 4 friends & pay $10 each to experience a historical event, something unlike you’ve seen in Fresno.
If you complain about the lack of activity in Fresno & don’t support events like Lucha fest, you only have yourself to blame. Seeing the determination & focus that 21 year old, Luis has for his passions makes me so proud to be his friend & honored to be apart of his special day!

Hello, HALO.

I can’t believe what I’ve gotten myself into this time, but here I am doing exactly what I’ve always said I would never do;
To be completely honest, this isn’t something I’ve been planning for years or cooking up behind the scenes, this is completely impulsive & out of the blue, but it feels so right I can’t even fight it. Like they say when you know, you know.
Here’s how it all started…
For those of you who don’t know, I collect & sell vintage apparel online/ at events as the brand CHERRY, denim & vintage. Well, a few months back my collection grew to be overwhelming in my boyfriend’s one bedroom apartment… it started to look a lot like an episode of hoarders. I thought about getting a storage space, but hated the idea of all of my treasures being in a dark storage unit seeing no life. After exploring all of my options I came to the decision I was going to combine my businesses in order to consolidate my booth rent at Preen, CHERRY, AND home! This July I moved Downtown into The Lede by Granville Urban Developement, which offers business owners the option to live & work in a 3 story unit, with the first floor being a retail space, & an amazing living space above, pretty awesome, right? So you see I was never looking to open a salon, I was just looking for a space to store/sell my clothes & this 2-in-1 space just came to me & made the most sense.
Processed with MOLDIV
The name I’ve chosen for my hair salon is HALO. HALO because you should feel ✨👼🏻 angelic 👼🏻✨ when you walk out of the building & mostly because I really want to buy a neon sign that’s a halo symbol.. I can definitely say best part of starting a business has been the ability to design an environment where I can highlight my eclectic style, & feel 100% confident in my own skin. I truly believe my business will flourish once I am inspired by my surroundings & I will be able to create at a different level. At HALO you can find a variety of my favorite cosmetic products, ranging from affordable, to luxurious prices points, all high quality, name brand products & don’t forget that HALO is the home of Cherry, Denim & Vintage, my personal collection of vintage pieces all up for purchase! 🍒

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetI am terrified, yet excited to start this journey & I know that I would be no where without each person who has helped me along the way. This month marks 5 years of being a licensed cosmetologist, & in those 5 years I have done a little tour of Fresno going from Euphoria in Downtown Fresno, to Planet Hair in River Park, to Preen in North Fresno, & each salon provided a completely different experience from the next; different stylists, different clientele, different products, & over all a different vibe. Each of these opportunities have given me a chance to grow into the person I am today & to truly learn the ins & outs of this industry & how to run a successful business. I am so so thankful for each of these salon owners for trusting me to be apart of their team & giving me the tools to grow, so much that I feel confident enough to start HALO. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
What’s a business without its customers? Bankrupt, for one & non-existent. I have accumulated the most amazing clientele through out these past 5 years, & I appreciate  every single client I’ve had & especially those who have been loyal & always let me create hair styles I can be proud of. I love each person in my chair & I hope to always make you feel more confident & educated than before you walked in the door!
I am beyond excited to reveal what I am currently creating, & look forward to everyone experiencing what my perfect space is like; unlike any other, but as great as! Thank you to all of my clients who have been so supportive throughout my career, I hope you will come & see what HALO is all about! I am also accepting new clients, so if you would like to book an appointment or do an online consultation, feel free to dm me on my instagram BY_KUMA or simply shoot me a text! (559) 352-4445 And for those who already have a hairstylist they love, don’t let that stop you from coming to check out my CHERRY collection, there’s a little something for everyone! 🍒 To get a sneak peak of what’s going on behind the scenes here at HALO follow my instagram accounts! ✨

Textured Waves @ Home for $13

Here’s a video on how I get my textured hair, using my trusty $13 Conair Curling Iron, shout out Wal-Mart!
Random sized sections, curl sections alternating towards your face and away from your face. I use Oh Bee Hive Dry Shampoo by Bed Head as a texture spray and hairspray! Ran my fingers through using Its a 10 Miracle Styling Potion. I really love this style the next day after I’ve slept on it! It’s the hairstyle that gets better with time!



I decided to make a video giving a more thorough explanation on how to increase your chances of selling your stuff, using pretty minimal effort! If you like instagram and you like buying/ selling random items (especially vintage) then depot is the place for you! You can follow people locally, globally & even shop from your favorite fashion bloggers closet! You can search for specific items or even just browse the explore page for goodies! I post new items weekly so follow me for some cheap finds! @alexkumagai
I’m really into the idea of trading as well so if you have similar style to myself lets get this going!!! So excited to see more and more people using depop & I hope this makes it seem a little less scary to start selling your own stuff!! So clean out your drawers, set up your self timer, & sell some of your old stuff! Don’t forget that just because you’re over an article of clothing someone else is ready to give it some love! One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, Happy International Women’s Day! 🙂

Biker babe (7 Ways to Style Biker Shorts)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I’m going to sound so lame right now, forgive me! Biker shorts are my freaking jam!
 I’ll never forget the first pair I ever owned, they were black with white polka dots & black lace, I loved them with all of my 13 year old heart. 💜

The beauty of the biker short is it can either be used as a focal point or an accessory, depending how you style them. Adding these spice up your outfit, effortlessly! Since they are just a short form of leggings, a pair of biker shorts can be worn as bottoms alone. Also, it’s an easy way to add some length to a really short dress, or some cut off shorts. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some ways I’ll be wearing my biker shorts this summer!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetAlso, these are really nice for those times you end up sitting on a leather surface on a really, really hot day with your hoochie daisy dukes on.
Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a4 preset


Did some Spring cleaning today & here’s some stuff I’ve decided to rehome. If you haven’t already, check out my depot & see some of the stuff I have up for sale! Working to upload more stuff weekly! AND everything is priced superrrr low, I literally just want this stuff off my hands!!! Currently, using Depop, which is an app on my iPhone, & the best way I can describe it to anyone who isn’t familiar, is it’s like a virtual yard sale!


If you’re local & see something you like, hit me up & we can meet up & skip on the shipping fees! 🙂

Click here to shop!



Episode 2: City of Angels (xtra spicy)

Here’s a video of me attempting the ” Spicy Ramen Challenge” and failing miserably at even preparing it. It turns out when doing the challenge you’re supposed to drain the water & only leave 8 teaspoons to mix the extra hot seasoning. So after eating the entire bowl of pretty hot noodles, I realized I had prepared them wrong 😦 Then, the next day I attempted again, & succeeded!
Later you will see snippets of my weekend getaway to Los Angeles, with my boyfriend, where we visited the Melrose Flea Market! Sadly, I found no clothing or furniture, but I did get some super cute plants & some really cool earrings 2 for $5!
While I was at the flea market, dying of the gnarliest hangover, Kylie Jenner revealed she was in-fact pregnant & had actually given birth. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a tear at this news… I’m embarrassing.

Episode 1: Where the @#$% is Kylie Jenner?

With the new year I made it a priority to be more active on social media, which sounds crazy/stupid to say, but hear me out! While most people are completely disgusted by my entire generation being so absorbed in social media & technology itself; I love it. There’s no denying I love my iPhone, so rather than hide or deny it, I’ve decided to embrace it by sharing things I do & love, this way when I spend hours on my phone, I can at least feel productive.

With that being said, here’s my very first vlog!


Conditioning is thee most essential part of any haircare routine. Conditioner is a product that all hair needs; blonde, black, or gray, short or long, girl or boy, you need it in your life!

Think of conditioner as a patch, fixing all of the damaged spots of  your hair. 

Every so often I’ll get a client in my chair that almost seems to be bragging about the fact that they’ve decided to cut conditioner from their routine & I can’t help but *eyeroll* when I hear this. Not using conditioner is such a great disservice to your hair!
When visiting your hairstylist ask for a recommendation specific to your hair type, make sure it coincides with your hair flaws as well.
Truly, there is a conditioner out there for every person, it may take some trial and error before you find your match, when you do it’s life changing! Because I’m on an endless hunt for my perfect match I tend to buy travel size-small bottles to avoid spending big bucks on a product that I hate!

Now I know conditioning you hair seems like a mindless thing you can’t really mess up, but here are a few things I do to make sure my clients & I get the most of our conditioner.


First thing’s first- I rinse all of the shampoo from my hair, remove hair from the water stream & ring my hair getting the most moisture out that I can. If your hair is too wet when applying conditioner chances are the product will go straight down the drain before you reap the benefits, & we both know this stuff costs way too much to have that happen!

(The amount of conditioner I use depends on the quality of the product I am using, often times the more luxurious the conditioner, the less I use because it is more concentrated &/ made with better ingredients! )

Then I spot treat my hair by putting the conditioner where it is needed most; my long fringe that frames my face & the middle-ends on the rest of my hair. The reasons I make extra sure to condition these sections are; the hair is finest in this area which means it is extra sensitive & this hair also withholds the most heat/ styling because it frames my face, & ends need conditioning because they’ve most likely  endured some type of damage + they’ve been on your head for god knows how long.

Now this next step was an absolute game changer for me, combing/ brushing through while the conditioner is working its magic! Combing through the conditioner ensures even distribution of the product, making sure every strand is getting some TLC.  (Always start brushing at the ends of the hair to avoid stretching the hair & causing breakage! Wet or dry. )

At this point I will clip my hair up & continue other shower duties, like washing my body/face, or shaving, still trying my best not to let my hair enter the water stream!

Once I’m ready to exit the shower I turn the water temperature down to the lowest I can handle & thoroughly rinse the conditioner from my hair! Cold water will help you to have more smooth & shiny locks, with that being said hot water could be the cause of your dry, frizzy hair because it strips your natural oils.

Just because you’re out of the shower does not mean your job here is done, to protect hair from heat tools & the environment it’s important to use a leave-in conditioner/ serum on damp hair, whether styling or air drying all can benefit from this.

There you have it folks! How to condition your hair, by me, Alex Kumagai!



If you’ve yet to get your hands on the best brush on the planet, I’m sorry.

If you’ve sat in my chair chances are I’ve used a Wet Brush on your hair & you didn’t even know it. The Wet Brush is different from any other brush you own because of it’s flexible bristles, which provide the most gentle detangle of your life. These special bristles make detangling a breeze, for even the most sensitive of scalps. This brush is perfect for all hair types from the thinnest, straightest, damaged hair, to the thickest, curliest, healthiest hair. Adults & children can appreciate how easy & effortless it is to brush through hair with this tool, especially those who suffer from easily tangled locks.

A good brush is very important because tugging on hair when it’s knotted can cause damage & breakage, especially on lightened hair.

My Wet Brush is like my secret weapon when it comes to taking out a gnarly backcomb/ tease. For some of my color applications I tease the hair, & before owning a Wet Brush it would take me what seemed like forever to brush out my clients & I would have to see cringing faces as I tried to untangle knots that could be compared to dreads, now it takes a few passes through & my clients don’t want to punch me in the face for pulling their hair!

You can find The Wet Brush in any color (even pastel or metallic) at Target for less than $10, you could even buy a mini Wet Brush to put on your key chain if your mane is really crazy!

You’re welcome! c:

Glaze it.

To glaze or not to glaze?
My answer is yes, every single time.

“What is a glaze?” you ask!

Well, a glaze is a lot like a top coat of nail polish, it gives immense shine, & helps hide imperfections.

A glaze is considered a demi-permanent color service, rather than permanently change the make up of your hair, this product coats the hair leaving it shiny as ever. Unlike permanent color this product has no ammonia, which means no damage, on the contrary, it’s actually conditioning.

Everyone could benefit from getting a glaze; a mom with the blondest of blondes or a teen with virgin hair. Here are a few scenarios where I’d absolutely recommend a glaze to you:

1.  You’re in the process of going lighter, but your hair lifts to a brassy (red, orange, gold, etc. ) color & you don’t want to walk around looking like Carrot Top until your next hair appointment.
FullSizeRender– After each lightening service I use a glaze to adjust the tone from warm to either neutral or ashy. I customize each of the glosses to fit the wants & needs of every client. Because this is not a permanent color it’s important to remember that the color fades wash-by-wash & if you love the results you should prepare to visit the salon about every 6-8 weeks.

2. You have virgin hair & you’re interested in going darker, but not sure you will love it.
– A glaze gives you the opportunity to actually live in dark hair without having to commit, as you wash your hair the color will fade & you could either decide to go permanent, or try a different shade.

I always recommend trying a demi-permanent color if a client is doing something out of their comfort zone.

3. You have hair as red as cherries, but it’s not vibrant & looks dull.
– A glaze can be used to enhance an existing color while simultaneously conditioning & providing immense shine. Great option for refreshing color without damaging ends!

Also, a clear gloss can be used on anyone, including those who have never colored their hair, anyone who wants shiny, healthy looking hair needs a glaze!

4. You’re starting to get some gray hairs & you’re looking for a solution other than permanent color.
– A glaze is a great option for those who want to blend their grays rather than cover them completely. This option also makes it easier so when you decide you’re over the maintenance & ready for the world to know you’re a silver fox, you can just let it fade on its own.


There is a glaze out there for each & every person, whether you’re black or blonde.
This product can be customized for warm, neutral, or ash tones, even clear if you’re just looking for some shine.

Chop or not to chop.


Textured lob, choppy bob, collarbone length cut, whatever you call it, here’s what I have to say about it!

I can’t even tell you how many girls I’ve had request this haircut!
I’m 120% for this trend.
Most of the ladies who have asked me to cut off their long locks caught me by surprise, but a pleasant surprise.
If I’m being honest, my clients that have really long locks are usually attached to it, & most times would rather me not cut the mandatory amount to make their hair completely healthy. In other words, it’s always the clients that need 2 inches cut off that allow me to cut only half an inch off… I can’t even complain, because I. AM. GUILTY.

img_5081Thanks to this trend, I’ve had so many clients muster up the courage to chop it off. This cut to me, means a clean slate, a new beginning, a fresh start! To all of the clients with years of heat/ chemical damage, now is your time to get rid of it all, while simultaneously  remaining trendy & cute as ever. Then you can either maintain this length or grow it out & trim as you get your mane long & healthy!
This cut is easy to style at home & it looks great straight or curled.

With this length you have two choices, you can have it cut blunt or textured.
A blunt cut means the ends will be fuller and all of the hair would be one length, this gives a very polished, sophisticated feel.
Textured means it would give off a really lived-in, bed head type look, which seems to be the crowd favorite… ask pinterest or instagram. I love to do this haircut with a cutting comb (razor) to create different lengths throughout the hair, creating the best textured cut ever.
My favorite duo is a collarbone length haircut, paired with a balayage, throw some curls/ waves in, you’re set! Talk about hair envy.





In over my head & Undercut.

I’m sure by now you’ve scrolled through your instagram explore page & noticed that everyone & their mom’s have shaved the few inches of hair above their neck, completely off… Some decorated with crazy color combinations, others detailed & designed.

Here’s my personal take on the undercut; my first hand experience.

While it seems like a great idea to shave a third of your hair off, it’s not.
There were definitely some perks to having part of my head bald,
1 it felt nice & cool in the summer, like a blanket was taken off my neck.
2 it grossed out any guy i had any interest in.
3 I had less hair to wash & style.
Just as there were (few) perks; there were moments I felt this was my biggest mistake ever.
1 Immediately after shaving off my hair I decided to bleach it out, replicating the Real Slim Shady look, unintentionally of course. I, then proceeded to put crazy colors on it like; pink, magenta, purple, etc. And to top it all off, I would get random designs in it every week & a half.
2 it grossed out any guy i had any interest in.
3 Maintenance. Though your hair is short, you have to make time to keep it that way, because if you’re like me you only have a short period of time until your freshly tapered neck looks like a shaggy mess.
4 The absolute reason I hated my undercut was the growing out process. If you’ve ever had bangs you’ve been at this cross roads where you either grow your bangs out or cut them, well imagine that x10. The second I felt those clippers shaving my hair I wanter to grow it out. I’m impulsive & don’t do well with change, I keep my hair darkest brown & long so know that I am far from edgy. There was a point a few month into growing it out where it looked as tho I had a bob hair cut underneath & long hair on top, a reverse mullet!

I have many clients that have undercuts & love them. Personally, I’d say hold onto your locks.

Sincerely, the most boring, non-edgy, hairdresser alive.
Aka undercut hater.

So Fresh, So Clean.

Let’s start with why you even need to use shampoo, if it’s not obvious already..
Shampoo gets rid of dirt, natural oils, products, & dead skin, yum! On one hand you want to make sure to cleanse often, but at the same time not too often, such a fine line! It’s important to understand your hair & know when it needs to be washed, my washing schedule may not be the same as yours, but that makes neither wrong!
Not washing as often as needed could result in an accumulation of oil & sweat, which can become home to bacterias. But don’t forget, if you wash too often you’ll strip your hair of its natural oil, that oil helps to seal & protect your cuticle; a damaged cuticle will leave you with awful hair. Damaged cuticle = broken, dry, frizzy, lifeless hair 😦

2 types of shampoos you have to have & when you should be using them.

M o i s t u r i z i n g  S h a m p o o
This type of cleanser is more gentle & contains lots of good stuff. Usually made with protein or biotin to help to maintain the strength in your locks & don’t forget the moisturizers that help to quench you hair’s thirst! I like to recommend a shampoo with natural ingredients, they’re ideal for everyday use & keep hair nice & conditioned.

C l a r i f y i n g  S h a m p o o
When you & everyone around you notices that you haven’t washed your hair in a while, that when it’s time to bust out the clarifying shampoo. My favorite is Reuzel’s Scrub Shampoo, which you could have possibly read about in my previous post Scrub-a-dub-dub. Used to remove metals, & evident build up, or even after swimming. This type of shampoo is not for those with dry hair & should be used sparingly if hair is chemically treated. Clarifying shampoos are used infrequently due to the fact that they clean really well, & we all know too much of a good thing is not good isn’t good for long.