Did some Spring cleaning today & here’s some stuff I’ve decided to rehome. If you haven’t already, check out my depot & see some of the stuff I have up for sale! Working to upload more stuff weekly! AND everything is priced superrrr low, I literally just want this stuff off my hands!!! Currently, usingContinue reading “SHOP FROM MY CLOSET”


Episode 2: City of Angels (xtra spicy)

Here’s a video of me attempting the ” Spicy Ramen Challenge” and failing miserably at even preparing it. It turns out when doing the challenge you’re supposed to drain the water & only leave 8 teaspoons to mix the extra hot seasoning. So after eating the entire bowl of pretty hot noodles, I realized IContinue reading “Episode 2: City of Angels (xtra spicy)”

Episode 1: Where the @#$% is Kylie Jenner?

With the new year I made it a priority to be more active on social media, which sounds crazy/stupid to say, but hear me out! While most people are completely disgusted by my entire generation being so absorbed in social media & technology itself; I love it. There’s no denying I love my iPhone, so ratherContinue reading “Episode 1: Where the @#$% is Kylie Jenner?”