I decided to make a video giving a more thorough explanation on how to increase your chances of selling your stuff, using pretty minimal effort! If you like instagram and you like buying/ selling random items (especially vintage) then depot is the place for you! You can follow people locally, globally & even shop from your favorite fashion bloggers closet! You can search for specific items or even just browse the explore page for goodies! I post new items weekly so follow me for some cheap finds! @alexkumagai
I’m really into the idea of trading as well so if you have similar style to myself lets get this going!!! So excited to see more and more people using depop & I hope this makes it seem a little less scary to start selling your own stuff!! So clean out your drawers, set up your self timer, & sell some of your old stuff! Don’t forget that just because you’re over an article of clothing someone else is ready to give it some love! One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, Happy International Women’s Day! 🙂


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