Episode 2: City of Angels (xtra spicy)

Here’s a video of me attempting the ” Spicy Ramen Challenge” and failing miserably at even preparing it. It turns out when doing the challenge you’re supposed to drain the water & only leave 8 teaspoons to mix the extra hot seasoning. So after eating the entire bowl of pretty hot noodles, I realized I had prepared them wrong 😦 Then, the next day I attempted again, & succeeded!
Later you will see snippets of my weekend getaway to Los Angeles, with my boyfriend, where we visited the Melrose Flea Market! Sadly, I found no clothing or furniture, but I did get some super cute plants & some really cool earrings 2 for $5!
While I was at the flea market, dying of the gnarliest hangover, Kylie Jenner revealed she was in-fact pregnant & had actually given birth. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a tear at this news… I’m embarrassing.


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