Dusty Buns.

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One of my favorite things about Fresno, Dusty Buns.

Never have I ever been disappointed by Dusty Buns… Wait I take that back. There have been a few times I’ve tried to order my favorites from the truck & they’re out, but I can’t blame them for being so good they sell out… then there were the hungover Sunday’s when all I could think about is how badly I wish Dusty Buns were open..

So if you’re not familiar with Dusty Buns let me break it down. Dusty Buns has a store front right across from Fresno High School & also a truckĀ that you can find serving up yummy food all around town, you can find thatĀ schedule here, & check out the cool events they areĀ at! Also from checking out the website I found that there is also a Dusty Buns in San Fransisco, & aĀ busĀ on the way as well! Very cool.

Key things to know; everything you eat is fresh & grown right in the Valley! ā€œNo Freezers, No Fryers, Everything Made From Scratch.ā€ Quality everytime, always, & hopefully forever!

Now to the food, I’ve only ever ordered these three things, & I’m completely satisfied with my meal & I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon. I’m a texture person &Ā all the textures that make up this meal make me so so happy!

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Le Grilled Cheese

Aged White Cheddar, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Seasonal Fruit

I’m typically not a grilled cheese kinda gal, but this isĀ out of this world, I mean how could I deny applewood bacon? I usually choose to holdĀ the seasonal fruit & instead + avocado. Must try!

Bistro Fries
Seared Fingerling Potatoes withĀ Garlic Crema & Crushed Chili

Small potatoes with a soft interior & smooth, salty exterior.

Snap Pea Fries
Seared Sugar Snap Peas, Straus Garlic Yogurt

Healthy, crunchy, & just over all delicious. Adding these veggies in gives my meal some color & leaves me feeling guilt-free since they’re peas!

I’d definitely recommend everyone try Dusty Buns, sorry in advance, once you try it you’ll be hooked! But don’t feel too bad it’s a organic addiction! šŸ˜‰



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