Glaze it.

To glaze or not to glaze?
My answer is yes, every single time.

“What is a glaze?” you ask!

Well, a glaze is a lot like a top coat of nail polish, it gives immense shine, & helps hide imperfections.

A glaze is considered a demi-permanent color service, rather than permanently change the make up of your hair, this product coats the hair leaving it shiny as ever. Unlike permanent color this product has no ammonia, which means no damage, on the contrary, it’s actually conditioning.

Everyone could benefit from getting a glaze; a mom with the blondest of blondes or a teen with virgin hair. Here are a few scenarios where I’d absolutely recommend a glaze to you:

1.  You’re in the process of going lighter, but your hair lifts to a brassy (red, orange, gold, etc. ) color & you don’t want to walk around looking like Carrot Top until your next hair appointment.
FullSizeRender– After each lightening service I use a glaze to adjust the tone from warm to either neutral or ashy. I customize each of the glosses to fit the wants & needs of every client. Because this is not a permanent color it’s important to remember that the color fades wash-by-wash & if you love the results you should prepare to visit the salon about every 6-8 weeks.

2. You have virgin hair & you’re interested in going darker, but not sure you will love it.
– A glaze gives you the opportunity to actually live in dark hair without having to commit, as you wash your hair the color will fade & you could either decide to go permanent, or try a different shade.

I always recommend trying a demi-permanent color if a client is doing something out of their comfort zone.

3. You have hair as red as cherries, but it’s not vibrant & looks dull.
– A glaze can be used to enhance an existing color while simultaneously conditioning & providing immense shine. Great option for refreshing color without damaging ends!

Also, a clear gloss can be used on anyone, including those who have never colored their hair, anyone who wants shiny, healthy looking hair needs a glaze!

4. You’re starting to get some gray hairs & you’re looking for a solution other than permanent color.
– A glaze is a great option for those who want to blend their grays rather than cover them completely. This option also makes it easier so when you decide you’re over the maintenance & ready for the world to know you’re a silver fox, you can just let it fade on its own.


There is a glaze out there for each & every person, whether you’re black or blonde.
This product can be customized for warm, neutral, or ash tones, even clear if you’re just looking for some shine.


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