Chop or not to chop.


Textured lob, choppy bob, collarbone length cut, whatever you call it, here’s what I have to say about it!

I can’t even tell you how many girls I’ve had request this haircut!
I’m 120% for this trend.
Most of the ladies who have asked me to cut off their long locks caught me by surprise, but a pleasant surprise.
If I’m being honest, my clients that have really long locks¬†are usually attached to it, & most times¬†would rather me not¬†cut the mandatory amount to make their hair completely healthy. In other words, it’s always the clients that need 2 inches cut off that allow¬†me to cut only half an inch off…¬†I can’t even complain, because I. AM. GUILTY.

img_5081Thanks to this trend,¬†I’ve had so many clients muster up the courage to chop it off. This cut to me, means a clean slate, a new beginning, a fresh start!¬†To all of the clients with years of heat/ chemical damage, now is your time to get rid of it all, while simultaneously ¬†remaining trendy & cute as ever. Then you can either maintain this length or grow it out & trim¬†as you get your mane¬†long & healthy!
This cut is easy to style at home & it looks great straight or curled.

With this length you have two choices, you can have it cut blunt or textured.
A blunt cut means the ends will be fuller and all of the hair would be one length, this gives a very polished, sophisticated feel.
Textured means it would give off a really lived-in, bed head type look, which seems to be the crowd favorite… ask pinterest or instagram. I love to do this haircut with a cutting comb (razor) to create different lengths throughout the hair, creating the best textured cut ever.
My favorite duo is a collarbone length haircut, paired with a balayage, throw some curls/ waves in, you’re set! Talk about hair envy.






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