If you’ve yet to get your hands on the best brush on the planet, I’m sorry.

If you’ve sat in my chair chances are I’ve used a Wet Brush on your hair & you didn’t even know it. The Wet Brush is different from any other brush you own because of it’s flexible bristles, which provide the most gentle detangle of your life. These special bristles make detangling a breeze, for even the most sensitive of scalps. This brush is perfect for all hair types from the thinnest, straightest, damaged hair, to the thickest, curliest, healthiest hair. Adults & children can appreciate how easy & effortless it is to brush through hair with this tool, especially those who suffer from easily tangled locks.

A good brush is very important because tugging on hair when it’s knotted can cause damage & breakage, especially on lightened hair.

My Wet Brush is like my secret weapon when it comes to taking out a gnarly backcomb/ tease. For some of my color applications I tease the hair, & before owning a Wet Brush it would take me what seemed like forever to brush out my clients & I would have to see cringing faces as I tried to untangle knots that could be compared to dreads, now it takes a few passes through & my clients don’t want to punch me in the face for pulling their hair!

You can find The Wet Brush in any color (even pastel or metallic) at Target for less than $10, you could even buy a mini Wet Brush to put on your key chain if your mane is really crazy!

You’re welcome! c:


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