In over my head & Undercut.

I’m sure by now you’ve scrolled through your instagram explore page & noticed that everyone & their mom’s have shaved the few inches of hair above their neck, completely off… Some decorated with crazy color combinations, others detailed & designed.

Here’s my personal take on the undercut; my first hand experience.

While it seems like a great idea to shave a third of your hair off, it’s not.
There were definitely some perks to having part of my head bald,
1 it felt nice & cool in the summer, like a blanket was taken off my neck.
2 it grossed out any guy i had any interest in.
3 I had less hair to wash & style.
Just as there were (few) perks; there were moments I felt this was my biggest mistake ever.
1 Immediately after shaving off my hair I decided to bleach it out, replicating the Real Slim Shady look, unintentionally of course. I, then proceeded to put crazy colors on it like; pink, magenta, purple, etc. And to top it all off, I would get random designs in it every week & a half.
2 it grossed out any guy i had any interest in.
3 Maintenance. Though your hair is short, you have to make time to keep it that way, because if you’re like me you only have a short period of time until your freshly tapered neck looks like a shaggy mess.
4 The absolute reason I hated my undercut was the growing out process. If you’ve ever had bangs you’ve been at this cross roads where you either grow your bangs out or cut them, well imagine that x10. The second I felt those clippers shaving my hair I wanter to grow it out. I’m impulsive & don’t do well with change, I keep my hair darkest brown & long so know that I am far from edgy. There was a point a few month into growing it out where it looked as tho I had a bob hair cut underneath & long hair on top, a reverse mullet!

I have many clients that have undercuts & love them. Personally, I’d say hold onto your locks.

Sincerely, the most boring, non-edgy, hairdresser alive.
Aka undercut hater.


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