So Fresh, So Clean.

Let’s start with why you even need to use shampoo, if it’s not obvious already..
Shampoo gets rid of dirt, natural oils, products, & dead skin, yum! On one hand you want to make sure to cleanse often, but at the same time not too often, such a fine line! It’s important to understand your hair & know when it needs to be washed, my washing schedule may not be the same as yours, but that makes neither wrong!
Not washing as often as needed could result in an accumulation of oil & sweat, which can become home to bacterias. But don’t forget, if you wash too often you’ll strip your hair of its natural oil, that oil helps to seal & protect your cuticle; a damaged cuticle will leave you with awful hair. Damaged cuticle = broken, dry, frizzy, lifeless hair 😦

2 types of shampoos you have to have & when you should be using them.

M o i s t u r i z i n g  S h a m p o o
This type of cleanser is more gentle & contains lots of good stuff. Usually made with protein or biotin to help to maintain the strength in your locks & don’t forget the moisturizers that help to quench you hair’s thirst! I like to recommend a shampoo with natural ingredients, they’re ideal for everyday use & keep hair nice & conditioned.

C l a r i f y i n g  S h a m p o o
When you & everyone around you notices that you haven’t washed your hair in a while, that when it’s time to bust out the clarifying shampoo. My favorite is Reuzel’s Scrub Shampoo, which you could have possibly read about in my previous post Scrub-a-dub-dub. Used to remove metals, & evident build up, or even after swimming. This type of shampoo is not for those with dry hair & should be used sparingly if hair is chemically treated. Clarifying shampoos are used infrequently due to the fact that they clean really well, & we all know too much of a good thing is not good isn’t good for long.


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