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If you’ve read any of my past posts, I’ve made it very clear I never wash my hair & it’s constantly being overloaded with dry shampoo & miscellaneous products I come across. Embarrassing as it is to admit, I started to get a build up of product on my scalp, no matter how many times I washed with my sulfate-free, color safe shampoo it still felt dirty, disgusting, gross, yuck.

Recently Planet Hair started to stock the shelves with Reuzel products, one of the products is a ” Scrub Shampoo” my saving grace. This shampoo is perfect for anyone that uses heavy products (pomade, gel, hairspray, etc. ) or even just the infrequent washer, I just so happen to fall under both of those categories. Here’s a description of the product straight from the source,
” Ideal for infrequent shampooers and users of heavy styling products, removes product buildup, dirt, pollutants, chlorine, excess oils and other dulling residues from your hair and scalp while remaining gentle. ” Basically if you’re a filthy animal, that uses lots of product, goes swimming, & never washes, get some of this now. When I wash with Reuzel my hair literally feels squeaky clean, nothing was the same after feeling that kind of clean. BUT… of course there is a but, this is not a product that you should be using more than once a week especially if you have chemically treated hair, it’s a clarifying shampoo, with exfoliants & too much could leave your hair in bad, bad condition.
I’m a huge believer in having multiple shampoos for different purposes on your shower cady, I’m well aware hair products are an investment, but styling definitely starts in the shower whether you believe it or not.

Ps. totally off topic, but this has been on my mind for a very long time, Pantene is not a good shampoo. There is a reason Pantene or any other shampoos at Walmart are always on sale. Do people really think that something so cheap could be good for your hair? It’s the Mcdonalds of hair products. I’m almost to the point that I want to refuse clients based on the fact that they’re not using quality products & expect me to do high quality work just so they can ruin it in the shower. End rant. Back to scheduled programming…

I like to think of my vast shampoo collection as a buffet for my hair, whatever my hair is craving, I have a shampoo for it. The kinds of shampoo I like to keep on deck, personally…
1. Sulfate- free shampoo, a gentle cleanse that will preserve my color.
2. Moisturizing shampoo, when my hair’s feeling a little dry & thirsty.
3. Clarifying shampoo, when I haven’t washed in ten years & my hair smells.

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10/10 would recommend getting you some Reuzel Scrub Shampoo for an unmatchable clean head of hair. Did I mention this product doubles as a body scrub?
You’re welcome, in advance.


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