Reality of Fantasy Colored Hair.

When it comes to being a hairstylist I can definitely say coloring is by far my favorite thing to do & fantasy colors just happen to be one of my specialties. I must admit these appointments are filled with stress/ anxiety, they take extra long, & they’re messy, but the end result is so very worth it! A lot of times clients have unrealistic goals for their hair, mostly because they’re ill informed & don’t know each step the hair must go through before getting the color they wish for. Let’s just take a look at the definition of the word “fantasy” some words used to explain what a fantasy is include; imagination, unreal, hallucination! Hahaha I can not help but laugh that “hallucination” is used because sometimes when people show me a photo of how they want their hair I think they could possibly be hallucinating as well!

Let’s me start with this.
Photos are beyond helpful when it comes to showing your stylist what it is you’re hoping to have done, it makes it so that there is mutual understanding, so both the client & stylist understand what’s to be expected.
At the very same time photos are the devil.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been shown photos that were clearly enhanced using photoshop or an iPhone app, but to the naked eye or in this case, client’s eye, they seem realistic.
Also, I feel it’s vital that every person realizes that everybody has different hair texture, density, color, every single head of hair is completely different from the next. Keep things like this in mind when looking for photos of how you’d like your hair!

Now it’s close to impossible to achieve vivid colors without lightening the hair, which does involve using powdered bleach. I’m unsure as to why so many people are “anti-bleach” but you’ll have to get over that if you want your color to be as bright as possible. For each color the hair has to be a specific level of blonde to get the best result, on a rare occasion the hair can get very light during the first appointment, a lot of times it take multiple visits! It’s important to understand the hair has to go through different levels of blonde & you must be patient in order to keep the hair from getting damaged. If you’ve previously colored your hair going lighter becomes even more difficult so be understanding of that.

Maintaining a fantasy color is definitely a lot of work, you have to be willing to get your hair touched up each time it fades, which seems to be constant. These colors are not permanent colors so each time you wash your hair there will be a slight difference in the tone. It’s 2015 there are sooo many products used to keep hair healthy, the secret is you have to use them. Like I said in my “Bubbles are Bad.” post, each time you wash your hair with bad shampoo you’ll see your investment go down the drain, literally. If you spend hundreds of dollars & multiple hours getting your hair to be vivid you’re so so foolish not to purchase a good shampoo to keep it looking amazing! Do yourself a favor.

These are just a few things to consider/ keep in mind before transforming into a walking rainbow.




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