Another Fresno famous joint I’d yet to enjoy, until today that is.. Max’s Bistro! I don’t think I could type enough positive things to express how much I loved my visit to Max’s, but I’ll give it a try!

My visit was during lunch hour, the atmosphere is really awesome, lots of colorful metal work & natural lighting. Our waitress was super helpful & attentive & I’m not just saying that because she’s my cousin hehe. I’m thankful she was working because since she knows my taste she could make recommendations.

To start we got each of the fries; sweet potato, eggplant, & truffle, alongside comes a jalapeño-arugula aioli & a sriracha aioli, these alone were godly. Next we got calimari, it was decent & that’s all I’ll say about that.


I can honestly say the sandwiches redeemed the calimari. Here’s where I praise the sandwich gods for blessing me with this encounter. My boyfriend & I decided we were going halfsies on “Max’s Grilled Chicken Club” & “Turkey Avocado” such a good decision, both are on toasted ficoccia slices! Turkey avocado sandwiches never ever fail me & this one exceeded my expectations. Hands down the best Turkey Avocado sandwich I’ve had thus far. Not to mention it had my two favorites, tomatoes & sprouts, most times if I see either of those on a menu they’re my go to. Now to the grilled chicken sandwich, it was a a classic with a fancy twist, applewood smoked bacon & a pesto aioli. & I almost forgot, last but not least, (drum roll…) tomato bisque, the perfect side dish for sandwiches, I dipped my sandwich in a few times & it was the perfect pair! So much good food in one meal, it was unreal. I’ll definitely be back soon for supper!


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