This weekend, I went on a little getaway to Los Angeles, Ca. Did some swimming & napping, after lunch at Stout, on the patio, on Santa Monica Blvd.

The menu was pretty cool, each food item was paired with a brew that would go perfect with the meal, I really dig the whole beers & burgers idea. I wasn’t in the mood to have a beer belly on the beach so I just stuck to getting a burger & fries

THE MORNING AFTER (Rosemary Bacon / Egg Over Easy / Aged Cheddar / Chipotle Ketchup) Pair with: A pale ale will contrast nicely with hearty smokey flavors of the chipotle ketchup

I’m a sucker for anything with an egg on it, so this captured my attention, instantly.  They have a rule that you can remove ingredients from your order, but not add/ personalize, which made me a little sad because anyone that knows me knows I add extra tomatoes to everything, but hey I can’t always make the rules. I should have thought about the whole “Chipotle Ketchup” thing, because I’m not crazy about chipotle/ barbecue sauce, I ended up just eating the burger without the top bun & ketchup. The beef was cooked medium rare & the rosemary bacon was a perfect pair.
I’m not sure I’d go back for a burger, but I would 100% go back for the Mozzarella Fries & Lemon Basil Aioli.
For some reason the mozzarella fries aren’t featured on the menu, but they were thee highlight of the meal. & for the lemon basil aioli I had for the first time yesterday, I’m already dying to get my hands on some more.
I would say if you’re on the Santa Monica Beach & you’re looking to get something to snack on these fries & sauce are a must.


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