Hello, HALO.

I can’t believe what I’ve gotten myself into this time, but here I am doing exactly what I’ve always said I would never do;
To be completely honest, this isn’t something I’ve been planning for years or cooking up behind the scenes, this is completely impulsive & out of the blue, but it feels so right I can’t even fight it. Like they say when you know, you know.
Here’s how it all started…
For those of you who don’t know, I collect & sell vintage apparel online/ at events as the brand CHERRY, denim & vintage. Well, a few months back my collection grew to be overwhelming in my boyfriend’s one bedroom apartment… it started to look a lot like an episode of hoarders. I thought about getting a storage space, but hated the idea of all of my treasures being in a dark storage unit seeing no life. After exploring all of my options I came to the decision I was going to combine my businesses in order to consolidate my booth rent at Preen, CHERRY, AND home! This July I moved Downtown into The Lede by Granville Urban Developement, which offers business owners the option to live & work in a 3 story unit, with the first floor being a retail space, & an amazing living space above, pretty awesome, right? So you see I was never looking to open a salon, I was just looking for a space to store/sell my clothes & this 2-in-1 space just came to me & made the most sense.
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The name I’ve chosen for my hair salon is HALO. HALO because you should feel ✨👼🏻 angelic 👼🏻✨ when you walk out of the building & mostly because I really want to buy a neon sign that’s a halo symbol.. I can definitely say best part of starting a business has been the ability to design an environment where I can highlight my eclectic style, & feel 100% confident in my own skin. I truly believe my business will flourish once I am inspired by my surroundings & I will be able to create at a different level. At HALO you can find a variety of my favorite cosmetic products, ranging from affordable, to luxurious prices points, all high quality, name brand products & don’t forget that HALO is the home of Cherry, Denim & Vintage, my personal collection of vintage pieces all up for purchase! 🍒

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetI am terrified, yet excited to start this journey & I know that I would be no where without each person who has helped me along the way. This month marks 5 years of being a licensed cosmetologist, & in those 5 years I have done a little tour of Fresno going from Euphoria in Downtown Fresno, to Planet Hair in River Park, to Preen in North Fresno, & each salon provided a completely different experience from the next; different stylists, different clientele, different products, & over all a different vibe. Each of these opportunities have given me a chance to grow into the person I am today & to truly learn the ins & outs of this industry & how to run a successful business. I am so so thankful for each of these salon owners for trusting me to be apart of their team & giving me the tools to grow, so much that I feel confident enough to start HALO. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
What’s a business without its customers? Bankrupt, for one & non-existent. I have accumulated the most amazing clientele through out these past 5 years, & I appreciate  every single client I’ve had & especially those who have been loyal & always let me create hair styles I can be proud of. I love each person in my chair & I hope to always make you feel more confident & educated than before you walked in the door!
I am beyond excited to reveal what I am currently creating, & look forward to everyone experiencing what my perfect space is like; unlike any other, but as great as! Thank you to all of my clients who have been so supportive throughout my career, I hope you will come & see what HALO is all about! I am also accepting new clients, so if you would like to book an appointment or do an online consultation, feel free to dm me on my instagram BY_KUMA or simply shoot me a text! (559) 352-4445 And for those who already have a hairstylist they love, don’t let that stop you from coming to check out my CHERRY collection, there’s a little something for everyone! 🍒 To get a sneak peak of what’s going on behind the scenes here at HALO follow my instagram accounts! ✨

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